Mindfulness Programs in Schools

Children in primary and secondary schools face obstacles such as stress, impulsivity, inability to focus, and depression. Some schools have recognized the need to address these issues and have implemented mindfulness programs to enhance the wellbeing of their students and to create a healthy learning environment for the entire school community. Many of the following programs are suitable for implementation worldwide; if you are interested in further information, please follow the links. We are happy to provide consultation upon request.

Inner Kids
Los Angeles, CA; Singapore
ABCs – Attention, Balance, and Compassion – are taught to pre-kindergarten to grade six students. Awareness of inner and outer experience is cultivated through games and activities. Kindness to self and others is promoted, as are attitudes such as patience, generosity, and gratitude. The program is taught over eight to twelve weeks, depending on the age of the children.

Inner Resilience Program (IRP)
New York, NY; South Burlington, VA; Warren, Niles, and Youngstown City, OH; Madrid, Spain
IRP was originally designed as an extracurricular program to build back the resilience of school staff, parents, and children in lower Manhattan. Building Resilience from the Inside Out was then added as a K-8 curriculum for the classroom applicable anywhere. IRP cultivates a healthy learning environment by teaching mindfulness-based techniques that promote stress reduction, self-regulation, attention, and caring for self and others. Training is offered to students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

Learning to BREATHE: A Mindfulness Curriculum for Adolescents
The curriculum is intended to promote the mental health and wellness of adolescents by strengthening their emotional regulation skills. Mindfulness techniques are used to hone awareness and understanding of body, thoughts, and emotions, reduce harmful judgements, and enhance attention and stress management skills. The program was created for a classroom setting. It is taught in six lessons and provides the basis for daily mindfulness practice.

Mindful Schools
Oakland, CA; USA; Peru; Israel
Mindful Schools teaches mindfulness techniques to students in private and public elementary, middle, and high schools. Aptitudes and skills developed include attention, concentration, conflict resolution, empathy, impulse control, and stress reduction. The program for students is taken over five-weeks in the classroom. Educators are also trained and additional classes are offered for parents, administrators, school therapists, and others.

Mindfulness for Teenagers (IAM Youth Programs)
Mindfulness for Teenagers uses MBCT and MBSR to teach secondary school students how to cope with negative emotions and stress. Mindfulness techniques are used to decrease stress and anxiety while increasing self-awareness, attention, confidence, and emotional resilience. The program is taught in eight sessions. Other IAM Youth Programs have used mindfulness in secondary school to reduce stress and the risk (of relapse of) depression and in primary school to reduce stress and increase emotional resiliency.

USA; Canada
MindUP™ is a classroom-based program for kindergarten to grade seven students. The curriculum cultivates mindful awareness through activities focusing on sensory experience, thoughts, emotions, and relationships to others. Empathy, kindness, wellbeing, and optimism are fostered. The program is taught in fifteen sessions.

Sfat Hakeshev (The Mindful Language)
The Mindful Language program is taught to elementary students in an educational setting. The program develops mind-body awareness through mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, and yoga. Students improve their concentration, self-image, self-awareness, and learning abilities, while reducing their stress and reactivity.

Still Quiet Place
The Still Quiet Place uses mindful awareness to enhance awareness, inner calm, and compassion, and reduce stress and emotional reactivity. It is offered to elementary, middle, and high school students in schools and community settings. The program is generally taught over eight weeks. It is also offered to parents, educators, and child-parent pairs.

Wellness Works in Schools™ created by Kinder Associates LLC.
Lancaster, Reading, and Harrisburg, PA
Wellness Works in Schools™ is a health and wellness program based on mindfulness principles and practices. The program offers elementary, middle, and high school curricula that are taught in educational and community settings. The program is effective for all students, but specifically addresses the needs of alternative and special education students. Students enhance focus, self-awareness, emotional balance, stress management, and social competency. Teacher training and family programs are also offered.